My Awakening.

This is my very first blog post. I’ve recently decided to do what I’ve loved doing for years, just write. This is the beginning of a major shift in my life. I can’t​ down play this thing any longer than I have already. I’ve always known that writing and speaking was “it” for me. It’s only “now” that I’m finally able to embrace it.  This is a new time in the consciousness of “Me”. Nothing is more important than the day you become conscious & alert to the truth as it unfolds around you. Once you have truly awaken, #staywoke

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I simply want to share the shoes I've worn for so long. I want to allow others to walk a mile in them and learn from my journey. Sometimes pain is the best route to take. It's often the road most would choose not to travel though. "I AM", who I AM now because of the pain and the path I've traveled ...

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