A four-letter word that can wreak havoc on everything in your life.

It can be physical, emotional, or mental.

A one syllable word that can last an hour or a lifetime. It describes the very essence of life. Pain.

Pain gets your attention, and It can be good or bad.  When I say good I mean it in the sense of something like a great workout. You will experience some pain, but its self-inflicted. Its nothing like that feeling. It almost  like a feeling of accomplishment. Pain is a tell-tale sign as to what you’ve been working on. Like my trainer used to say, “pain is weakness leaving your body”. Pain from a great workout is awesome.

Pain is bad when it is inflicted by others.

It doesn’t matter whether its physical violence, emotional abuse, or mental anguish. Pain from any type of abuse is never good.

I am now a believer that Pain brings about a certain awareness. Pain is your body begging for attention. It doesn’t matter the source pay attention to it.

I’m almost pain-free.



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I simply want to share the shoes I've worn for so long. I want to allow others to walk a mile in them and learn from my journey. Sometimes pain is the best route to take. It's often the road most would choose not to travel though. "I AM", who I AM now because of the pain and the path I've traveled ...

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